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WhatsApp adverts will soon commence according to the latest information from WhatsApp owner. However, WhatsApp is already generating a revenue stream from WhatsApp via the WhatsApp Business API. Using this feature, WhatsApp allows companies to send important messages (such as MakeMyTrip tickets) and pay WhatsApp to use this feature.

We’ve known for a long time that WhatsApp will not go unadvertised, reports confirming in recent months Facebook’s desire to monetize its largest acquisition to date, revealing the complex internal turmoil between Facebook’s top executives and WhatsApp co-founders, WhatsApp. The creators left Facebook earlier this year. The Status feature lets you expect ads to appear in the near future. Also, a member of the Facebook executive has reconfirmed it.

whatsapp adverts

WhatsApp, like other Facebook properties, copied Snapchat’s story feature. They use it to replace the old Experience Status, where users only used text for status updates. It turns out that the storytelling interface, which replaces text with photos or videos. This is an ideal medium for commercials, and Facebook plans to use this retail space to make money.

Whatsapp Adverts To Run On WhatsApp Status in 2018

Experts predict that WhatsApp would find different ways to monetize the platform. The reason is that Facebook has spent the colossal $ 19 billion to acquire the courier service. Regarding the monetization plan, WhatsApp adverts commencement is officially announced to be showing ads on the WhatsApp Status page. Chris Daniels, the company spokesperson, and vice-president made the announcement. He adds that the service offers to users of the email platform would remain free. Also, there’s no plan to charge fees.

The idea of monetizing the service has been a bone of contention, even within the organization. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, who continued after the takeover of Facebook, left the company last year and rumors were circulating at the time. This has not been confirmed yet, although Acton recently revealed, well after his resignation, that Facebook was considering monetizing WhatsApp even before it officially took control of WhatsApp.

After being free of any advertising since its inception, it has been confirmed that the world’s largest email platform, WhatsApp would start displaying ads in the Status screen in the near future.

Interview With Chris Daniel

In an interview with Outlook India, WhatsApp vice president, Chris Daniel, confirmed the upcoming addition, stating that;  “We are going to be putting ads in ‘Status.’ That is going to be primary monetization model for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp,” Facebook vice president Chris Daniels told the press in India, according to The Economic Times.

This is a disappointing change for users, especially those who have already paid annual fees of one dollar to access advertising-free messages in the past but maybe predictable given the company’s takeover by Facebook in 2014. Facebook’s funding model is based on targeted advertising, so why not use this data in WhatsApp to add cream to the pie?

As annoying as it may seem, WhatsApp is still a company that does not earn money from Facebook, even though it is one of the most popular chat services in the world. WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users and runs on desktops and mobiles, allowing users to chat on different platforms and offer powerful encryption comparable to similar chat applications. Facebook paid $ 19 billion to WhatsApp four years ago. His desire to make money is understandable.


Daniels has not proposed a schedule, but it is generally expected that Facebook will roll out ads in WhatsApp next year. According to previous reports, the arrival of ads in WhatsApp should not compromise the end-to-end encryption of the chat service.

Whatever the deadline, even if the launch is planned in a few months, there will certainly be users who abandon Ship for another platform without advertising, such as Telegram (our weapon of choice at Ausdroid), Line or BBM… Others will stick to the platform and support the ads. The choice is up to you and will be partly linked to where you are talking to your friends.

Are you going to use another messaging platform when WhatsApp is showing ads, or just smile and support as we usually do with Facebook? What is your experience over the commencement of WhatsApp adverts? Share your opinions using the below comment box.

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