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Undertale on android is an extraordinarily cool alternative PC game, what would you say if I tell you that you could play it on your android phone?! Well, you can! Today’s instruction will guide you through the process of installing Undertale on Android device.


  1. Your phone must be an Android phone, sorry iPhones users, it’s Apple’s fault.
  2. If you have finished this tutorial, do not distribute the finished .APK file because it is act of hacking and prison can be a reward for you. The same goes for the PC version of undertale, please do not hack that too.

Steps involve in installing the undertale on Android

Step 1: What you need to start with?

Before we begin, let’s look at the things we need for installation of undertale on android devices.

  1. A Windows or OSX computer with administrator access.
  2. An Android phone or tablet with “Unknown Sources” enabled.
  3. 50 MB of free space on your phone or tablet (135 MB if you want music).
  4. 7-Zip File Manager, a free program for Windows and OSX.
  5. 45 minutes to 1 hour of the time.
  6. Undertale PC Version

Step 2:  The things you need to download

First, we download an empty file. This is basically a base for PC game files that we will put inside. Download the file here.

Step 3: Edit the .APK file

Now, right click on the empty file we downloaded previously (UndertaleWrapper.apk) then hover over the bar that displays “7-Zip” and then click on “Open Archive”. Go to the “/ assets” folder, you will see a file called “game.droid”, it is the file that contains everything of the game (or should contain) (code, graphics, sfx, etc).

Step 4: Halfway through

If you do not want music, all you need to do is copy the .APK to your phone or tablet, then install an app called “Zip Signer” on the Google Play Store. Once Zip Signer is installed, open it and select “Choose In / Out”. For the input, choose the .apk file you just moved and, for the output, choose the location of your choice. After that, look in the folder you have selected for the output of a file called “UndertaleWrapper-signed.apk”, click on the button and after having installed it, go to step 7.

Step 5: Music

Download the file “aapt.exe” from (This is a 100% original copy of “aapt.exe” included with the Android SDK, if you do not trust, download the Android SDK and recover it)

After the download, move it to the same folder as your “UndertaleWrapper.apk”, now, for the important step, create a folder called “assets” in the same folder as “aapt.exe” (NOT IN “UNDERTALEWRAPPER” APK “) copy all the” * .ogg “and” credits.txt “files from your Undertale PC / MacOSX installation into this folder … all copied? Now open the command prompt (if you do not know what it’s then open the beginning and look for “command prompt”) and go to the folder where “aapt.exe” is, now, copy the text below, paste in the prompt, and press Enter.

Then open your “Undertale” folder from C: \ Program Files \ Undertale \. If you installed Undertale from Steam while you are in Steam, right-click on the name “Undertale” in the installed games then, Properties, “Browse Local Files”. Then you will see an .EXE file, extract it using 7-Zip.

In the Undertale folder you will see a file called “data.win”, if you do not see it, scroll down. Make a copy of the “data.win” file somewhere else on your computer, then change the name of this file to “game.droid”, right click on it, then “Cut”. You are almost halfway there.

Now, right click on the empty file we downloaded previously (UndertaleWrapper.apk) then hover over the bar that displays “7-Zip” and then click on “Open Archive”. Go to the same folder “/ assets” that we saw previously, and right click on “Paste”. When he asks you if you want to replace the existing file with this one, say yes. Then leave 7-Zip.


aapt add -f -v UndertaleWrapper.apk assets/credits.txt assets/mus_a2.ogg assets/mus_alphysfix.ogg assets/mus_amalgam.ogg assets/mus_ambientwater.ogg assets/mus_anothermedium.ogg assets/mus_bad.ogg assets/mus_barrier.ogg assets/mus_battle1.ogg assets/mus_battle2.ogg assets/mus_bergentruckung.ogg assets/mus_bgflameA.ogg assets/mus_birdnoise.ogg assets/mus_birdsong.ogg assets/mus_boss1.ogg assets/mus_cast_1.ogg assets/mus_cast_2.ogg assets/mus_cast_3.ogg assets/mus_cast_4.ogg assets/mus_cast_5.ogg assets/mus_cast_6.ogg assets/mus_cast_7.ogg assets/mus_chokedup.ogg assets/mus_churchbell.ogg assets/mus_computer.ogg assets/mus_confession.ogg assets/mus_coolbeat.ogg assets/mus_core.ogg assets/mus_coretransition.ogg assets/mus_core_ambience.ogg assets/mus_creepy_ambience.ogg assets/mus_crickets.ogg assets/mus_cymbal.ogg assets/mus_dance_of_dog.ogg assets/mus_date.ogg assets/mus_date_fight.ogg assets/mus_date_tense.ogg assets/mus_deeploop2.ogg assets/mus_disturbing.ogg assets/mus_dogappear.ogg assets/mus_dogmeander.ogg assets/mus_dogroom.ogg assets/mus_dogsong.ogg assets/mus_dontgiveup.ogg assets/mus_doorclose.ogg assets/mus_dooropen.ogg assets/mus_drone.ogg assets/mus_dummybattle.ogg assets/mus_dununnn.ogg assets/mus_elevator.ogg assets/mus_elevator_last.ogg assets/mus_endarea_parta.ogg assets/mus_endarea_partb.ogg assets/mus_endingexcerpt1.ogg assets/mus_endingexcerpt2.ogg assets/mus_express_myself.ogg assets/mus_fallendown2.ogg assets/mus_fearsting.ogg assets/mus_flowey.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_1.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_2.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_3.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_4.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_5.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_6.ogg assets/mus_f_alarm.ogg assets/mus_f_destroyed.ogg assets/mus_f_destroyed2.ogg assets/mus_f_destroyed3.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_1.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_1_l.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_2.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_3.ogg assets/mus_f_intro.ogg assets/mus_f_newlaugh.ogg assets/mus_f_newlaugh_low.ogg assets/mus_f_part1.ogg assets/mus_f_part2.ogg assets/mus_f_part3.ogg assets/mus_f_saved.ogg assets/mus_f_wind1.ogg assets/mus_f_wind2.ogg assets/mus_gameover.ogg assets/mus_ghostbattle.ogg assets/mus_harpnoise.ogg assets/mus_hereweare.ogg assets/mus_hotel.ogg assets/mus_hotel_battle.ogg assets/mus_house1.ogg assets/mus_house2.ogg assets/mus_intronoise.ogg assets/mus_kingdescription.ogg assets/mus_lab.ogg assets/mus_leave.ogg assets/mus_menu0.ogg assets/mus_menu1.ogg assets/mus_menu2.ogg assets/mus_menu3.ogg assets/mus_menu4.ogg assets/mus_menu5.ogg assets/mus_menu6.ogg assets/mus_mettafly.ogg assets/mus_mettatonbattle.ogg assets/mus_mettaton_ex.ogg assets/mus_mettaton_neo.ogg assets/mus_mettaton_pretransform.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical1.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical2.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical3.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical4.ogg assets/mus_mettsad.ogg assets/mus_mett_applause.ogg assets/mus_mett_cheer.ogg assets/mus_mode.ogg assets/mus_mtgameshow.ogg assets/mus_muscle.ogg assets/mus_musicbox.ogg assets/mus_myemeow.ogg assets/mus_mysteriousroom2.ogg assets/mus_mystery.ogg assets/mus_napstachords.ogg assets/mus_napstahouse.ogg assets/mus_news.ogg assets/mus_news_battle.ogg assets/mus_ohyes.ogg assets/mus_oogloop.ogg assets/mus_operatile.ogg assets/mus_options_fall.ogg assets/mus_options_summer.ogg assets/mus_options_winter.ogg assets/mus_papyrus.ogg assets/mus_papyrusboss.ogg assets/mus_piano.ogg assets/mus_prebattle1.ogg assets/mus_predummy.ogg assets/mus_race.ogg assets/mus_rain.ogg assets/mus_rain_deep.ogg assets/mus_repeat_1.ogg assets/mus_repeat_2.ogg assets/mus_reunited.ogg assets/mus_rimshot.ogg assets/mus_ruins.ogg assets/mus_ruinspiano.ogg assets/mus_sansdate.ogg assets/mus_sfx_a_grab.ogg assets/mus_sfx_chainsaw.ogg assets/mus_sfx_hypergoner_charge.ogg assets/mus_sfx_hypergoner_laugh.ogg assets/mus_sfx_rainbowbeam_hold.ogg assets/mus_shop.ogg assets/mus_sigh_of_dog.ogg assets/mus_silence.ogg assets/mus_smallshock.ogg assets/mus_smile.ogg assets/mus_snoresymphony.ogg assets/mus_snowwalk.ogg assets/mus_snowy.ogg assets/mus_spider.ogg assets/mus_spoopy.ogg

assets/mus_spoopy_holiday.ogg assets/mus_spoopy_wave.ogg assets/mus_star.ogg assets/mus_sticksnap.ogg assets/mus_story.ogg assets/mus_story_stuck.ogg assets/mus_st_happytown.ogg assets/mus_st_him.ogg assets/mus_st_meatfactory.ogg assets/mus_st_troubledingle.ogg assets/mus_temshop.ogg assets/mus_temvillage.ogg assets/mus_tension.ogg assets/mus_tone2.ogg assets/mus_tone3.ogg assets/mus_toomuch.ogg assets/mus_toriel.ogg assets/mus_town.ogg assets/mus_tv.ogg assets/mus_undyneboss.ogg assets/mus_undynefast.ogg assets/mus_undynepiano.ogg assets/mus_undynescary.ogg assets/mus_undynetheme.ogg assets/mus_undynetruetheme.ogg assets/mus_vsasgore.ogg assets/mus_waterfall.ogg assets/mus_waterquiet.ogg assets/mus_wawa.ogg assets/mus_whoopee.ogg assets/mus_wind.ogg assets/mus_woofenstein.ogg assets/mus_woofenstein_loop.ogg assets/mus_wrongnumbersong.ogg assets/mus_wrongworld.ogg assets/mus_xpart.ogg assets/mus_xpart_2.ogg assets/mus_xpart_a.ogg assets/mus_xpart_b.ogg assets/mus_xpart_back.ogg assets/mus_x_undyne.ogg assets/mus_x_undyne_pre.ogg assets/mus_yourbestfriend_3.ogg assets/mus_zzz_c.ogg assets/mus_zzz_c2.ogg assets/mus_zz_megalovania.ogg assets/mus_z_ending.ogg assets/snd_ballchime.ogg assets/snd_bombfall.ogg assets/snd_bombsplosion.ogg assets/snd_buzzing.ogg assets/snd_curtgunshot.ogg assets/snd_fall2.ogg assets/snd_flameloop.ogg assets/snd_heavydamage.ogg assets/snd_mushroomdance.ogg

If it is done, it will ask you the same thing as when you open the program.

After installation, exit the command prompt and see if your “UndertaleWrapper.apk” has a size of 134 – 136 MB, if it is, you have done it correctly!

Step 6: Sign the .APK.

Copy the .APK file to your phone or tablet and install an application called “Zip Signer” on the Google Play Store. Once Zip Signer is installed, open it and select “Choose In / Out”. For the input, choose the .apk file you just moved and, for the output, choose the location of your choice. Once done, look in the folder you have selected for output for a file called “UndertaleWrapper-signed.apk” click on it and once it is installed, proceed to the next step with determination.

Step 7: A joystick or Game pad

Hold on, we’re almost at the end. Download this app here on your phone or tablet and install it.

Step 8: How to play

If you have done this part of the tutorial, then I congratulate you as crazy to be determined and try to stop you.

All you have to do is go to the settings of your keyboard and select “GamePad”, once you see a notification appears, open Undertale and press the notification to bring up the joystick, and play. You are now good to go with Undertale on Android devices

Step 9: The end

Impressive! We managed to convert a PC game into an Android game (with music) and installed and played it successfully.

That’s all about how to install Undertale on Android. Thanks for reading. If there is any question regarding this topic, kindly share it through the below comment box.

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  1. I confess, I am unaware of Undertale, and appreciate the effort you have put in giving the installation process in detail. Will check it out.


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