Oneplus smart tv announcement

OnePlus Smart TV announcement comes from the company surprisingly. The surprise announcement makes in a report by OnePlus which claims to create a smart TV.

OnePlus, the company deals with high-end smartphones at a competitive price now makes an announcement recently. The announcement is all about the development of a smart TV.

Oneplus smart tv announcement

The new product will be created by a separate division, which will operate alongside the telephone division, still headed by CEO and founder, Pete Lau.

Lau described the televisions as “conventional and cumbersome” in a press release regarding the move. However, he gives no firm indication of the company’s plans.

He mentions the difficulty with which some functions still show photos from a phone. Also, he mentions artificial intelligence (AI). But then, the company does not do it today.

We hope that OnePlus television will be a fully connected device. Also, it will be the easy-to-use device that will learn the way we use it.

OnePlus Smart TV Announcement: The Company Want To Create 1 TV

The name OnePlus is most often seen on smartphones. However, the company has manufactured a variety of complementary products over the years, ranging from excellent. The OnePlus smart TV announcement makes people wait for this service.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones to a series of well-designed backpacks and other clothing are one of its features. Lau was revealed as someone that has a background in home theater products.

Lau works with the Blu-ray player division at Oppo Electronics before switching to smartphones.

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Do the OnePlus TV has a reason to be excited about by people? If the division is managed as its smartphone department, we can expect products with the necessary features.

As of today, without unnecessary features that no one uses, and at a reasonable price.
For those who do not know the company’s phones, the OnePlus 6 smartphone challenges the flagship phones of Samsung and LG.

Despite the price difference, the OnePlus 6 looks and feels just as expensive and premium as those that cost $ 900.
In addition, OnePlus uses Android as the operating system on its phones but enhances it with a user interface.

Its UI named OxygenOS, which is clean, easy to use and attractive. OnePlus phones are also updated regularly. A new version is released approximately every six months. The company allowing it to always offer the latest technology.

OnePlus Smart TV Announcement Design

The design is an area where OnePlus has improved dramatically since the beginning of phone manufacturing in 2014. Apart from the company’s technical achievements.

It also has a committed and committed fan base. This committed seems to likely be jumping on the chance to have another OnePlus product at home.
OnePlus continues to disrupt the smartphone industry.

We can see that this causes similar problems for established television companies if they can transfer everything. They have learned in recent years into a new product line. There is no information on when a OnePlus TV will be launched at the time of writing.

The OnePlus 6T, the company’s next smartphone, will be launched in October. But there is no specific time for the releasing of the new development, that is OnePlus Smart TV announcement.

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