oneplus 6 face unlock

OnePlus 6 Face Unlock and the article is updating to reflect the same thing. For smartphones without home buttons, unlocking the face has become a necessary and ostensibly safer method to prevent unauthorized access. The iPhone X  and Samsung Galaxy S9  have adopted the technology, but it turns out that there is a way to deceive the system – for the OnePlus 6, anyway. The Twitter user @rikvduijn has discovered that it is possible to operate the function of unlocking the face with a printed color copy of the face of the owner of the phone.

Remember all the tales of people cheat Face ID of the iPhone X and scary about what Apple gave us? This also happens to the functionality of OnePlus 6 Face Unlock too.

A Twitter user, who goes through the @rikvdujin handle, recently posted a video of him and his friend misleading OnePlus 6’s facial recognition feature with a life-sized print of his face.

We see in the video, that the friend of Rik puts his picture on his face like a mask. He also uses it to unlock his OnePlus 6. As we see him struggling to unlock the device for a few seconds, the mask ends up doing it.

OnePlus 6 Face Unlock Deceived By A Printed Photo

Unlike fingerprint sensors, face recognition unlocking features only one face at a time. It could not happen that Rik and his friends were registered on the device. This differs from the feature of Oneplus 6 face unlock.

The Twitter user posted it on Reddit account too, saying that this photo-mask trick even worked when he used a black and white photo of his face.

oneplus 6 face unlock

Can you imagine if this is a real flaw, how could masks like these (below) be dangerous? That’s why you should never have Face Unlock as the only way to unlock your Android devices. It’s not secure. Patterns, PINs, and fingerprints for unlocking are still very secure options.

“We designed Face Unlock around convenience. And while we take the corresponding measures to maximize its security, we recommend using a password/ PIN/fingerprint for security. For this reason, Face Unlock is not enabled for secure applications. We are constantly working to improve all our technology, including Face Unlock. ”

OnePlus 6 Unlock Face Deceived By A Printed Photo

OnePlus recently began deploying the Face Unlock feature on OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T devices. The feature rollout is part of the OxygenOS 5.0.3 update, which also brings the Android security patch to May 2018.

oneplus 6 face unlock

The update also adds enhancements to the launcher, gallery, file manager, and phone weather app.

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In fact, a black and white photo works as well. This leaves the owners of OnePlus 6 unlock face in the hope of relying on the front unlock protection in a precarious position – especially since the barrier bypass only takes a few seconds. Apparently, the flaw lies in the technology itself; Instead of mapping facial structures in a 3D model according to the iPhone X, the OnePlus 6 face unlocking determines the distance between different areas of your face and compares that image to the original scan.

In a statement at Phone Arena, OnePlus clarified that the face unlock was designed “around the commodity”. The feature is not available for applications such as banking or payments, and owners encourage to use a PIN, password, and/or fingerprint sensor for more reliable security. The company added that it “works constantly” to improve all of its technology.

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