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How to make auto impression app with Thunkable cross-platform is all about what we want to discuss here today. Thunkable is an open source platform where you can create your app without difficulty. Previously, there are two versions of a thunkable platform; thunkable app and thunkable beta platform. Now, another version which is known as X thunkable cross-platform is now available. For you to make your own auto impression app with thunkable, you can try any of the above versions. Now, we will limit our tutorial base on app thunkable platform. Do you know the reason behind this? The reason is that, if you enter the platform through, it will be redirecting you to

Thunkable Version Updates

Now, we have about three versions of thunkable; app, beta and the latest one which is thunkable X version. So, if you try one and seem it doesn’t respond, try the other one for it will surely work. You will be getting updates from the site at times going on. I’m here to tutor you how to build your app easily through thunkable app platform without collecting a dime from you, it’s totally free. Just make sure you follow the steps and you’ll surely thank me later when you become a developer within minutes. Creating an app with thunkable X will be discussed as soon as possible.

Lessons to learn in this tutorial

  • How to work with the app, beta or X thunkable.
  • How to make auto impression app with this platform
  • Knowledge on app or beta thunkable.
  • How to make auto impression app with aia.
  • Auto impression interstitial and auto impression banner.


  • PC or a responsive smartphone
  • Internet connectivity through modems, hotspots or any other means.
  • A browser of your choice


  • Basic

Steps Involve in Making Auto Impression App Through Thunkable App Platform

There are two methods for creating auto impression app;

  1. Drag and Drop method, and
  2. File importation method.

Drag and Drop Method

I’m here to give details about drag and drop method, while the file importation method will be discussed in the coming post.

To start work with the drag and drop method in building your app, follow the below steps. We will touch two instances here, namely;

  1. Designer
  2. Block

Instance 1: Designer

1st Step

Firstly connect your internet and go to any browser of your choice. Now open a new tab on your browser, then input or into your browser and press ENTER or go button.

2nd Step

make auto impression app

A welcome screen reads “Welcome to Thunkable Classic Android!” asking you to log in with your Google account will appear. Now, click on sign in with Google.

3rd Step

Once you click on sign in with Google, you will see fields to enter your Google ID and password. Now click on continue for you to be taking into the main page interface.

make auto impression app

4th Step

Once signing in, you will see this interface. If you are a new user on thunkable app platform, you won’t see any app yet until you create one. Now click on Create New App for a new interface to appear.

make auto impression app

5th Step

Here, you’ll see a box labeled “create a new Thunkable app” asking you to input your app name, then input any name. As you can see here, I set my app name to be “AlimranyAutoImp”. You can use any name of your choice. Then click on Ok button to proceed.

make auto impression app

6th Step

The above interface will appear immediately you click on OK button. The screen appearance is the main page to create your app. Here is where you will work to make your app. As you can see, you will see all the important tools to use on the left sidebar. On the other hand, you will be able to customize your app by dragging it from the left side.

make auto impression app

7th Step

Now check the below of the right sidebar to set the screen size of your app to responsive. Also, check out (mark) the title to visible. You can also check any other necessary features like the icon, screen animation, version etc. My app size is set to responsive so that my app can use any screen size of Android device irrespective of version. I also checked the title to visible so that title bar hides and for the purpose of getting a big space to set your app Admob banner ad units.

make auto impression app

8th Step

Now go to the left sidebar, look for the Horizontal Scroll Arrange under the Layout menu. Drag the Horizontal Scroll Arrange to the main screen of your app platform. The purpose of this tool is to set your app AdMob banner ad. Hence, we can also create interstitial banner ad but we won’t use Horizontal Scroll Arrange.

make auto impression appmake auto impression app

9th Step

Now, look at the right sidebar of the screen to set the app’s height and width. Now set the Height to automatic and set the app’s width to Fill Parent. The reason behind this is to make the Horizontal Scroll Arrange size take the full width of any device’s screen. You can also rename your screen1 to any name like ‘Alimrany’.

make auto impression app

10th Step

Look for the Experimental at the left sidebar of the screen for you to drag it to the appropriate location. Then click on it and you will see Admob Banner under Click Experimental. Now drag it into the created Horizontal Scroll Arrange.

Note: If you look at the app screen, you will see Admob appear like the below attachment. make auto impression app

How To Create Space for Multiple Admob Banner Ad Units

For instance, we want to create 10 AdMob banner ad units in the app screen, is there any way to do that? Yes, there is a way.

The only way to accomplish this is to repeat the above processes 10 times and add 10 AdMob Ad to the screen.

make auto impression app

11th Step

You need a clock for your auto impression app. For you to do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Move to the Sensors on the left sidebar of your screen. make auto impression app

Step 2: Look for the clock and drag it in the screen 2 times. make auto impression app

Now, we have through with the first main step which is designer, now we are moving to the block.

Instance 2: Block

1st Step

Beside a designer is a block, now click on the blockmake auto impression app

2nd Step

Look at the bottom of the left sidebar and click on AdMob banner 1. Now set time for your Admob_Banner1 Ad Loaded and drag it to block screen. make auto impression app

3rd Step

You will now drag this into Ad loaded. make auto impression app

4th Step

Here, we are about to set our logic to true. For you to do that, click on logic, select true and set visible to true.

For you to do it for multiple ad banners, repeat the above steps for your entire Admob ad. That means you have to repeat this 10 times since we want to create 10 banner ads. make auto impression app

5th Step

Now go to screen1, click on it and choose when Screen1 is to initialize into block screen. The reason is that we want to run our app purposively for an impression. make auto impression app

6th Step

Now move to clock 1, click on it and take set clock1 timer enabled to and set in to there I mark. make auto impression app

7th Step

Now, set your app clock1 timer enabled to false and copy it, then set clock2 time enabled to true. Also, call your 1st 3 AdMob ads as shown in the attachment. Go back to clock 2, choose when the clock2 timer in the block screen is to start. Set your clock2 timer enabled to false and clock1 timer enabled to true and call last 7 AdMob ad like the attached screenshot. make auto impression app



Now we have done with the auto app impression creation with drop and drag method using block and designer. Now click on export to convert the app to apk. Select your choice for exportation. That’s all.

Don’t forget to share the post if you find it helpful, for others to gain from it as well. If you face any problem, drop it here in the below comment box and the appropriate solution will be provided as soon as possible.

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