Google Pixel 3 comes with some features and benefits. It has made inroads in the smartphone market in the last two years. But now, the company has not yet put a serious challenge for Samsung or Apple. This can change with Pixel 3. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are pleased with their first class cameras and easy access. In fact, Pixel 2 is our best smartphone camera. But Pixel 2 XL, in particular, has experienced several qualities control and error issues during its launch window and beyond. In the past, Google has used 3rd-party vendors to make their smartphones a reality. But after the acquisition of the HTC smartphone team last year, Google now has its own hardware division. And the Google Pixel 3, released in late 2018, will be the first sophisticated phone of this marriage. alt "google pixel 3" For the moment, Google is silent on its plans for Pixel 3. However, that did not stop the speculation and the first reports on Google Pixel 3. Here is an overview of all the rumors on the Pixel 3.

Updated May 31

Leak in Project Details

A Bloomberg report, along with images of screensavers alleged to have leaked, indicated that the Pixel 3 XL will feature a notch, while the small Pixel 3 will use a more traditional design.

Release Date and Availability

Google Pixel 3 can be launched in October, be exclusive to Verizon and possibly manufactured by Foxconn, according to a report from Bloomberg.


Design of Google Pixel 3

Almost everything we know about Google Pixel 3 design comes from a report from Bloomberg. The company quotes people familiar with Google’s smartphone plans. According to Bloomberg, the larger Pixel 3 XL will incorporate a notch and edge-to-edge design unlike Pixel 3. This notch is supposed to be narrower but larger than the iPhone X. It will also allow the XL to present stereo speakers and the smaller model and all Pixel devices to date. The two third-generation devices equipped with two front cameras, but a single lens in the back, according to Bloomberg.   Bloomberg’s report aligns with something suggested earlier this week by a pair of screen protectors who fled Weibo and SlashLeaks.

alt "google pixel 3"

These images could illustrate the difference in the appearance of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. If Google decides to follow this path, it will follow the example of the Pixel 2 range. The 2 devices had radically different designs despite the same internal hardware. The probability that Pixel 3 gets a notch starts to garner renewed attention after the release of a new beta developer for Android P.  as spotted by the Android Police, the following operating system from Google redraws the status bar to display a maximum of 4 notifications; meanwhile, the clock moves to the left corner of the status bar, leaving a hole the size of a notch in the middle.

Availability and Release Date

According to a report from Bloomberg, Google targets an October launch for Pixel 3. Again, Verizon designates to be the exclusive carrier of phones, although unlock models will likely available again. In March, Valuewalk also said that Google was also planning a launch in October. If this is true, this strategy would remain consistent with the story. Last year, Google unveil Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on October 19th. The launch window allows Google to protect itself from the September launches of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

3 Pixels in the Works

According to a report from giant Droid Life, Google is working on 3 new Pixel cameras for this year. The devices, which were discovered during a leak of source code last year, are coded as “albacore”, “blueline” and “crosshatch”. 2 of the handsets consider as “high-end” devices, and the 3rd will fall into the “high-end” category, according to a source at Droid Life. Exactly what the difference is and what it could mean for the features, however, is unknown at the moment. What we know is at a minimum, the Google Pixel 3 and other brands will continue. A Google employee working on the Open Source Android Project recently posted the device as “Pixel 3” in a recording of changes to the system framework operation. The mention spots by XDA Developers and relates to improvements in cellular connectivity for the new model. We do not know if the particular changes reflect all variants of Pixel 3, the most premium or least cost option. However, a more recent report mentions only 2 Pixel 3 models to launch in this fall.

Cheaper Pixel 3

The Pixel lineup is available to compete with flagship products such as Samsung Galaxy S models and Apple iPhones. But it seems Google is working on an affordable option for emerging markets. A cheaper 3 Pixel 3 could be marketed in the part of the company’s Android One initiative, which guarantees an Android inventory experience and two years of out-of-the-box software upgrades. According to the Economic Times, based in India, the device could be launched as early as July or August in India. We do not know what the device will look like, or if Google plans to launch a cheaper device in the United States.

alt "google pixel 3"

Android P Inside

The new Android P operating system will ship with the new Pixel phones this fall. Though it’s available now as part of a beta version in several phones. Highlights include new energy saving features and digital wellness features to give you a more complete picture of your use. Meanwhile, you can be more present in the real world. But the biggest updates have something to do with the interface. Android P will support the gestures through its new Home button. Like iPhone X, you can scroll down the screen to see your apps open, but you will also see the Google search bar and your most used apps in the same view. Swipe one more time, and you will see the apps menu with a twist. New predictive actions will provide useful shortcuts, such as navigating home via calling a favorite contact or Google Maps. It is too early to say what Google is considering in terms of new forms of biometric authentication, such as advanced 3D facial recognition or iris scanning. However, a history of the Android Police in February said the company could at least prepare future versions of Android to more easily integrate manufacturers’ custom authentication methods. That would not mean much for Pixel 3 in particular. As we get closer to launching devices in the fall, we may have a better idea of how Google intends to answer the Face ID of iPhone X.

Improved Camera Performance

The Bloomberg report shows 2 camera lenses for selfies on both available Pixel 3 models, while the lens of the rear-facing will remain singular. In the past two years, virtually every smartphone maker has chosen to market their devices around their camera capabilities. The difference in the case of the Pixel is that Google actually has the game to back up those high claims. In our photo shoot between the Pixel 2 XL, the iPhone X, and the Galaxy S9, the Google phone supersede. Considering that Samsung and Apple have made improvements to their smartphone cameras this year, it will be up to Google to provide its own improvements.

New speakers

A video concept released in January and published by Android Headlines has cited rumors that Google is working on Pixel 3 devices with front speakers. Of course, the concepts are by no means smoking weapons that point to what the company has planned. Both Apple and Samsung apparently focusing more on smartphone speaker design. It is also interesting to note that HTC has spent years trying to distinguish its smartphones with their sound quality. Google has the team behind these HTC phones, it would make sense that this year’s Pixels will offer improved sound. At the very least, look for stereo sound on the Pixel 3.

Snapdragon 845 Inside

It may not be surprising that Google plans to consolidate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845  into its next generation of phones. The chip should find its way to most high-end handsets this year. What is not clear to us is how much RAM or storage Google Pixel 3 will offer. The existing Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with 4GB of RAM with choice of 64GB or 128GB storage. But we would like to see the XL model of the Pixel Bump 3 up to 6GB of standard RAM like Samsung did it with the Galaxy S9 +. Read more: 

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