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Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with. It is one of the top 10 popular game franchises of all time with fans all over the world. Android and IOS devices do not have any Pokemon games alternatively until recently. The only difference is that they are not very close to the original game concepts.

You can enjoy Pokemon in one of these two ways, which are the card game and the classic RPG. Below is the list of best games like Pokemon for Android and IOS devices.

10 Best Games like Pokemon  for Android

1. Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay is a Kairosoft game and one of the most underrated games like Pokemon. The game is a mix of a monster capture game and a simulation, so you’ll have a little bit to do. The simulation will allow you to build a city, plant crops and manage all its resources. Then you go to the desert, catch beasts, swap them and fight them. There is a ton of game here and it should keep you busy for a long time. It’s a freemium game, but most of them will be.

2. Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is a bit more in line with what you expect from games like Pokemon. You will be responsible for capturing a variety of creatures and opposing them to other players. It has 150 creatures that you can capture and improve and much of the interaction with other players comes against real people via online PVP. It also has a campaign mode, lots of quests to do, and you can even play offline. You should be able to have a good time with this one for a while, even if it’s a freemium game.

  • Price: Bulu Monster is freemium with in-app purchases
  • Download Bulu Monster by clicking here 

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3. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most popular card games and it takes a lot of its benchmarks to Pokémon cards. Players are allowed to build bridges from a large cache of available cards and beat it against other people online. You will earn chests that will provide you with various resources as well as new cards. There are also clan mechanisms for you to find your friends, fight them, offers them cards, and so on. This is one of the best games like Pokemon if you liked the card version of this game. The only drawback is the in-app purchases.

  • Price: Clash royale is free with in-app purchases
  • Check this video for clash royale game:

Download Clash Royale on Google Playstore Here

4. Digimon Heroes

Digimon and Pokemon develop together and their card games play with very alike mechanics. This game is the latest mobile game from the franchise and it’s very good. Players will engage in 3-card battles against other players to see who can come first. It has over one thousand trading cards, various merging and evolution mechanisms that are in tune with the game, and there are special events to help keep things interesting. Digimon is a free game and there are a lot of these traps here to keep you busy.

5. EvoCreo

EvoCreo is almost the same as a Pokemon. In this title jRPG, you will have the task of gathering your monsters, to fight other players (coaches) and to make your way in history. The developers boast that the campaign will take you about forty hours and you will have 130 monsters that you can capture and evolve. It also has a multiplatform multiplayer and the ability to customize your monsters according to the strategy you are preparing. EvoCreo is a paid game with in-app purchases through the in-app purchases are completely optional.

6. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone heroes of warcraft is also one of the most popular card games like pokemon. Here, players will be able to access 100s of cards to build a variety of decks in the duel with other players online. Each built deck can be saved for future use and most players handle multiple decks at a time. There is a short campaign mode that helps you get into Hearthstone, however, most work online against other people. It is important to note that you’re backed up files are linked to your account. It allows you to move from a mobile game to a PC with no much hassle. Their in-app buying strategy is a little less irritating.

7. MonsterCrafter

MonsterCrafter is one of the most unique games like Pokemon. Instead of giving you a lot of monsters to catch, it allows you to create your own. It uses a graphic style similar to games like Minecraft which allows a very modular and customizable experience. Players will be able to create their own creatures and then fight against other creatures to see who can build the best. It is a fun little principle with the only drawback being in-app purchases.

8. Neo Monsters

games like pokemon neo monsters

Neo Monsters is another pretty decent Pokemon clone. The players of this game will have the mission to explore 6 different worlds that developers can offer you in 60 hours. Each world has its own league that you will have to beat to be the champion and there are also 140 optional missions that you can do online. Mechanics allow you to fight with 4 creatures at once and hold a party of 16 people, which is really great. It’s a paid game with in-app purchases that allow you to buy monsters directly if you really want to. Otherwise, it is one of the most complete games like Pokemon.

9. Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online is a Pokemon game published by The Pokemon Company. Why play games like Pokemon while you can just play Pokemon, right? It will have players starting with a turf, water, or fire type bridge and then building as you go. It features easy mechanics, platform customization, and AI training games that help you improve. You can also expand your collection by buying real money boosters, winning prizes, or even trading with other players. It is not bad, though it’s freemium.

10. Pokemon Go

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It’s no closer to a real Pokemon game than Pokemon Go game. This augmented reality game was launched in 2016 and is the most popular mobile game of all time. Pokemon Go game gives you the opportunity to live the life of a Pokémon trainer. You will walk into the real world, catch and breed Pokemon as you go. Players can also hit Pokestops for fighting items and gyms for supremacy. There is no story mode or anything, but it is a good reason to get out of the house. The developer has also worked to make things a little more interesting with latest features that will be available later or sooner.

Above are the 10 alternative games for a pokemon game. Try it and you will like it. Below are best 5 alternative games like pokemon that iOS users can try.

5 Best Games like Pokemon for iOS

1. Zenforms

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These Zenforms all come from a handful of basic creatures based on their stats evolving from birth to the big stage. Keeping track of this evolution will be essential as players progress through a story-driven campaign that will take you from a first-day student protector to a revolutionary fighter. Just like Pokemon through wild battles serve as a base for your gameplay, whether it’s to find a powerful ZENFORM or get SP’s and money that are essential in your adventure. SP, in particular, is used to increase your ZENFORM stats and make them evolve, even if a small amount of stats are gained for victorious battles. SP is also used to modify the movement pools of your ZENFORMS, allowing you to build an ideal team around certain attacks and state effects.

2. Drakomon

Beginning your adventure by meeting Professor Koji, players will recruit a fire, water or Drakomon grass to follow their custom game avatar. As this is a standard for the game, these elements have their own strengths and weaknesses while the starting monster also varies in terms of health, attack, and defense.

With your first quest to explore an abandoned cave complete the game world of Drakomon slowly open to other cities, quests, and monsters with many mechanisms you will encounter comparable to the Pokemon franchise. You will encounter type benefits (fire, grass, water, lightning, rock, and air), wild grass, other sneakers, different items and more.

3. Terra Monsters 3

On the front of the game, Terra Monsters 3 is quite linear and static in its design with players ranging from quest icon to quest icon fulfilling the requirements while sometimes leaving the path to capture a new monster for their alignment. All in all, they are quite interesting for you to run from one place to another, especially with the simple touch controls that facilitate navigation around the world (your monster will also follow you in the exploration of the 3D world).

Watch here:

4. Pocket Mortys

This is where you will have the first taste of the game that is comparable to the adventures of Pokemon. Players will choose a Morty to send in a battle, choose an appropriate attack, and add to the opposition. Schmeckles (the game currency) successful battles will result in experience.

5. Micromon

Micromon is very close to the monster capture RPG which he pays homage to through his world-wide creation of Pixie where you are introduced to a strange professor who encourages you to go on a mission to the 130 Micromon of the game. Part of this monster leads to the defeat of the 4 members of the legion to reach the rank of ultimate tamer.

  • Download the game here 
  • Watch the demo here

    Above are the 15 alternative games for pokemon you may also like to play on Android and iOS devices. Enjoy the games and don’t forget to share. You can also drop any message using the below comment box.


  1. I never got into the Pokemon Go craze but some of my friends were obsessed! I can’t believe how many games with cute monsters exist out there haha.

  2. Ill pass it over to my son, he would live your ideas. From all those mentioned games I am a fan of Pokemon Go, simply because you don’t sit on your bum for too long

  3. I was never a fan of pc games. Well apart Tetris that is. Now I try to stay away from the pc so no games for me. My friend is obsessed with Pokémon though

  4. These look like cool games, however, I am such an old soul and I prefer word games and puzzles. I will show this post to my nephew who loves games like these on his phone.

  5. I’ve actually never played on an Android phone before in my life! And I only have one game on my current phone! Ha!

  6. Oh I love playing games but I don’t necessarily get the time to play that often – and much of that time is spent trying to find a game I will like. This is a handy list for me as it means I can go right in and play!

  7. I play Pokemon Go with my kids, its’ a great way to go outside and walk or scooter around the city… I haven’t heard of many of these games before now on your list, I bet my son would love them all ; )

  8. I heard there was going to be a game similar to this that would be about jurassic park/world. I’ll definitely show your list to my younger cousins.

  9. These all sound so fun! I’ve never heard of these but I’ll have to share them with my younger cousins! They love playing Pokemon!

  10. Yeah, we all went crazy with Pokemon last year. still, remember the time we all running towards to the park to catch Pikachu. There was at least a few hundred people there doing the same thing, really crazy… Apart from Pokemon, my kids are now really in Clash royale and Fortnite. Gaming has really picked up for the past few years, like the good old days of Nintendo, Mario world, sonic, etc…

  11. I’d rather not show this list to my boy. He is so young and lacks self control. So I will just keep this list to myself and enjoy. Lol


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