games like pokemon for pc,

Games like Pokemon trends among the games lovers. Smartphone users can’t even do without it. Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with. It is one of the top 10 popular game franchises of all time. It has several fans all over the world.

In the last decade, Android and iOS devices do not have any alternative games for Pokemon until now. The only difference is that they are not very close to the original game concepts. I hope you are with me?

You can enjoy Pokemon in one of the two ways. They are the card game and the classic RPG. Below is the list of best games like Pokemon for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Games like Pokemon  for Android

151. Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay game is one of Kairosoft products. It is one of the most lovely games like Pokemon. The game is a mix of a monster capture game and a simulation. That means, you’ll have a bit task to perform.

The simulation will allow you to build a city, plant crops and manage all its resources. You’ll go to the desert to catch beasts. Catching beats and swapping them for fighting purpose is also one of its features.

There is a ton of game here that should keep you busy for a long time. Beastie is a freemium game, but most of them will be. Download the game using the bottom link.



  1. I never got into the Pokemon Go craze but some of my friends were obsessed! I can’t believe how many games with cute monsters exist out there haha.

  2. Ill pass it over to my son, he would live your ideas. From all those mentioned games I am a fan of Pokemon Go, simply because you don’t sit on your bum for too long

  3. I was never a fan of pc games. Well apart Tetris that is. Now I try to stay away from the pc so no games for me. My friend is obsessed with Pokémon though

  4. These look like cool games, however, I am such an old soul and I prefer word games and puzzles. I will show this post to my nephew who loves games like these on his phone.

  5. I’ve actually never played on an Android phone before in my life! And I only have one game on my current phone! Ha!

  6. Oh I love playing games but I don’t necessarily get the time to play that often – and much of that time is spent trying to find a game I will like. This is a handy list for me as it means I can go right in and play!

  7. I play Pokemon Go with my kids, its’ a great way to go outside and walk or scooter around the city… I haven’t heard of many of these games before now on your list, I bet my son would love them all ; )

  8. I heard there was going to be a game similar to this that would be about jurassic park/world. I’ll definitely show your list to my younger cousins.

  9. These all sound so fun! I’ve never heard of these but I’ll have to share them with my younger cousins! They love playing Pokemon!

  10. Yeah, we all went crazy with Pokemon last year. still, remember the time we all running towards to the park to catch Pikachu. There was at least a few hundred people there doing the same thing, really crazy… Apart from Pokemon, my kids are now really in Clash royale and Fortnite. Gaming has really picked up for the past few years, like the good old days of Nintendo, Mario world, sonic, etc…

  11. I’d rather not show this list to my boy. He is so young and lacks self control. So I will just keep this list to myself and enjoy. Lol

  12. How fun! I used to love playing pokemon as a kid. I actually grew up in Japan when it was booming! I guess it’s still booming. Zelda and Sonic were a couple of my favorites too.


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