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Voice input modes (Push to talk and Voice Activation)

We will discuss here what is happening with Discord push to talk, voice input mode and voice activity. To access any of these methods, simply go through your user settings in the “Voice” tab.

Note: If you experience problems with discord push to talk while running a game in Administrator mode, see this article.

Mode 1: Voice Activity

This is probably the most popular method of users. There is only one parameter to play here, and that’s the input sensitivity! This guy is the culprit.

Chances are, if you use the desktop client, the “Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity” has impacted your audio in some way, shape or form.

If your microphone jumps from too loud to too weak, or a part of your voice is cut off at the end of the sentences, uncheck this box!

Why this? Essentially, what is happening is that Discord is trying to adjust your microphone to an ideal speech level based on the volume of what’s going on in your microphone. While Discord is generally very good about it, some of you may have a serious piece noise or large variations in the volume of speech.

When you uncheck the box, you can adjust the sensitivity of your input yourself.

The key here is to leave the sensitivity marker high enough so that nothing is transmitted when you do not speak. But still low enough not to cut your voice when you speak softly.

Remember, we want to put the sensitivity marker between your sweetest voice and any other sound coming from it. This will take some adjustments from you!

Important note about voice activity mode: Due to the operation of voice activity, there is an inherent delay of 200 ms plus the distance you have to the active server.

Mode 2: Discord Push to Talk

The classic PTT (Push-to-Talk) changes things a little, as Discord does not transmit any incoming sound unless you press a dedicated “PTT key”.

Only a few things we need to change here. Since we have already selected the input mode, everything that happens between us and shares our most intimate thoughts with our friends is a keyboard shortcut. To do this, simply click on the box on the right and press the PTT key of your choice.

The blinking red border means you’re ready to go

Why are Mac commands so strange?

Now we are ready. Once your desired PTT key is in the box, you are ready to start talking.

Last point on Push-to-Talk: the PTT release delay slider.

This important tool affects how long PTT waits to turn off the audio after releasing your dedicated keybind. Think of the PTT as a door; your keybind is what opens the door, and the Release Release is the time it takes for that door to close. Door closed = no sound passes.

Oh, and remember how we have this painful delay of 200ms of Voice Activity? Guess what? Push-to-Talk has 0.

Important Note: Push to talk only works in the browser application when the window is active. If you want to use the PTT system, you will need to download the desktop client!

You have now passed your first class in Discord! Go out and proclaim your awesomeness to your friends, with PTT or voice activity.

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