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There seems to be a renewed interest in the tools that connect computers and phones, making them almost perfectly compatible with each other. But even before Microsoft made “Your Phone” an official part of Windows 10, Dell had already released a product earlier this year simply called Dell Mobile Connect. The name implies that it would only work with Dell computers, which was the case at launch. Now, it seems that Dell has decided that it will help extend its brand by making it available to all computers, provided they support a Bluetooth connection.

In January, Dell today announced a new solution Dell Mobile Connect, which offers a whole new level of integration between your smartphone and Dell computers. This fully wireless solution integrates iOS and Android devices with Dell computers. Once connected, users can create this app to make calls, send SMS, receive notifications and even mirror their phones to interact with their mobile apps.

The reason behind Dell Mobile Connect is very simple. With the Windows 10 application installed on the PC and the mobile application installed on an Android or iOS device, the Bluetooth link would allow users to access their phone from their computer. This will take calls, receive notifications until they reflect the entire screen of their smartphone.

Such tools existed before, ranging from exclusive OEM solutions such as Samsung’s SideSync / Flow to third-party solutions such as AirDroid for Android phones. The problem with these solutions is their limited compatibility. Your phone, however, from Microsoft, still has limited functionality, at least for the moment.

Features of the Dell Mobile Connect

dell mobile connect

With the changes made by Windows Blog Italia, Dell Mobile Connect is now one of the few to support as many platforms and brands as possible. That said, it does not guarantee that it will work for everyone, especially for all Android phones. And although its use by Bluetooth makes it easy to set up when Wi-Fi or even Wi-Fi sharing is not available, it may mean that the connection between a PC and a smartphone can sometimes be a bit blurred.

The application, which requires the installation of a Dell driver, was only available on Dell’s latest personal computers and laptops, but it seems that the company has changed its heart, the Store application can now be downloaded by all.

  • Hands-Free Phone Calls – Make and receive phone calls that are automatically routed to your computer and processed using your computer’s speakers and microphone.
  • Text messaging – send and receive text messages with your PC keyboard. SMS messages can be used via the Message tab or via SMS notification as it appears.
    Notifications – Your phone and Android notifications will appear on your PC, allowing you to access them via the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen of your PC.
  • Contacts: allows you to have your phone’s phonebook available on the PC, search for the right contact and make a call or send an SMS directly.
  • Screen mirroring – mirror your phone screen on your PC and connect with any application via your PC mouse, keyboard and touchscreen.
  • Dell Mobile Connect apps are available for iOS 10 and later, Android 5 and later. Dell Mobile Connect applications can be downloaded through here.

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