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Create auto impression app of your brand on the Thunkable platform or other platforms easily is our main priority. You can even create it for monetization purpose through Google AdMob where you will earn monthly payments. You are to use one of two methods as it is previously discussed in lesson one. Thunkable is an open source cross-platform where you can create your app without difficulty. Previously, there are two versions of a thunkable platform; thunkable app and thunkable beta platform. Currently, another version of thunkable which is called X thunkable is available. For you to make your own auto impression app with thunkable, you can try any of the above versions. Now, we will limit our tutorial base on app thunkable platform. The reason behind this limitation is that, if you enter the platform through, it’ll be redirecting you to

Lessons to learn in this tutorial

I’m here to tutor you how to build your app easily through thunkable app platform without collecting a dime from you, it’s totally free. Just make sure you follow the steps and you’ll surely thank me later when you become a developer within minutes. Creating an app with thunkable X will be discussed as soon as possible. You’ll see the answer to the below questions in the tutorial:

  1. How to work with the app, beta or X thunkable.
  2. How to create auto impression app with this platform
  3. Knowledge on app or beta thunkable.


PC (Desktop or laptop) or a responsive smartphone device (Android, iPhone, and so on).
Good connection of Internet through hotspots, modems, or any other means of connection.
Any browser of your choice irrespective if Operating System (Chrome, firefox, safari, edge etc.)



Steps Involve When You Want To Create Auto Impression App Through Thunkable App Platform

As it’s in the previous article; there are two methods for creating auto impression app;

  1. Drag and Drop method
  2. File importation method.

File Importation Method

We have already given details about drag and drop method. However, let us look at the file importation method here. Importation of file will allow you to edit or customize the file of an existing apk the way you like. How do we get the file of an existing file? You can get it either by asking the app owner directly or go here to download ready-made aia files.

To start work with the file importation method in creating your app, follow the below steps. In the previous article, we are using two instances, namely;

  1. Designer
  2. Block
    But here, only the designer aspect is very important, the block is not necessary. Are you with me?

Steps involve in Creating Auto Impression App Using File Importation Method

1st Step

The first attempt is to connect your internet to your computer and go to any browser of your choice. Are you there? Now, open a new tab on your browser, then write or into your browser and press ENTER or go button.

2nd Step

A welcome screen reads “Welcome to Thunkable Classic Android!” asking you to log in with your Google account will come out. Now, tap sign in with Google link.

3rd Step

Once you click on sign in with Google, you will see a field to input your Google ID or username. Click Next and input your password as well. Now click on continue for you to be taking to the main page interface on the platform

4th Step

Once signing in, you will see this interface. As a new user on thunkable app platform, no app will appear yet until you create one. Now, click here to download (.aia) files to use here. I will tell you how to get and use the aia files as soon as possible. create auto impression app

5th Step

Click on the ‘Apps’ menu and you will see several options there, just select ‘Upload app project (.aia) from my computer’. This will allow you to import aia files into your thunkable account. create auto impression app 2

6th Step

Now, select ‘choose file’ as you can see in the ‘import app’ screen. create auto impression app 3

7th Step

Go to the right directory of the downloaded files and select the aia file you want to customize and proceed by selecting the OK command. create auto impression app 5

Now, you will see the app you just imported in the main screen. This means, your app is now available. create auto impression app 4

  1. For you to create multiple apps using this method, just repeat the 7 steps.
  2. You can also edit or customize the app you already created using the previous method of creating auto impression app.
  3. Everything you need including AdMob banner, interstitial ad units screens and so on will be present.

How To Edit or Customize Your App

The app(s) to customize or edit is now available on your screen for you to redesign it as much as possible. Here are what you can actually customize or alter.
1. Beautifying the app interface by changing its background color.
2. Changing of font color and size.
3. Changing of height and width.
4. Swapping of the icons, images, and logo of the app to your own choices.
5. Renaming of the app title, texts, and descriptions.
You can do a lot of things with the aia file.

Steps involve in Customizing or Editing Your App

Now, we want to customize our app and alter some of its contents. Below are the steps involved in accomplishing such tasks:

1st Step

Click on the app you imported and wait till all its components and contents load completely just like the below image.

Now we have screen1 interface with some segments of different texts and backgrounds. 

2nd Step

Changing the texts formats, color, and background.

We want to rename ‘Ads’ to ‘Insurance of Life’. To do that, follow these steps:
1. Click on ‘Life Insurance’. Now, look at the right sidebar and you will see its contents there. create auto impression app 8
2. Now, scroll down to the ‘text’ and replace ‘ads’ with ‘Insurance of Life’.
1. You can also change font size and default colors, and backgrounds until the interface meet your conditions.
2. Repeat the above steps in customizing other segments in the screen1. create auto impression app 45

3rd Step

In this screen, we want to place just one interstitial ad to be displaying.
1. Move to screen 2 which is ‘Ads’. create auto impression app a
2. Go to ‘Components’ beside your app interface and click on ‘Interstitial’. create auto impression app
3. Log in to your AdMob account and copy one interstitial ad unit
4. Lastly, paste the ad into the Ad Unit Id.
5. Now check (mark) ‘PersonalizedAd’.
6. Uncheck (unmark) ‘test mode’.
7. Click on Apps and select ‘Save app’.

4th Step

Now, we are moving to screen 3 which is ‘CTR’. In this screen, we want to place banner ad units to generate auto impressions. With this 10 ads banner showing on your screen, you can generate 10 thousands of impressions within a few minutes. This segment will control your impression and traffic ctr for your AdMob account safety and security purpose. Follow these sub-steps
1. Move to screen 3 which is ‘CTR’.
2. Go to Components beside your app interface and click on ‘Admob_Banner1’. You should be able to see space to paste your ad units.
3. Log in to your AdMob account and copy one AdMob banner ad unit
4. Lastly, paste the ad into the ‘Ad Unit Id’.
5. Now check (mark) PersonalizedAd, Test Mode and Visible.
6. Repeat the above 5 steps for the remaining AdMob_Banner(s).
7. Click on ‘Apps’ and select ‘Save app’

5th Step

Let’s move to the last screen which is ‘Video’. Here, we want to place interstitial ad units to generate few impressions and earn. This accepts both banner and interstitial ad units.
1. Move to screen 4 which is ‘Video’.
2. Go to ‘Components’ beside your app interface and click on ‘Admob_Banner1’. You should be able to see space to paste your ad units. Repeat it to the last Admob banner and interstitial ad units of your app.
3. Log in to your AdMob account and copy one AdMob banner ad unit
4. Lastly, paste the ads units, that is banner and interstitial ad units respectively to where each belongs in the ‘Ad Unit Id’.
5. Now check (mark) only both PersonalizedAd and Visible. Otherwise, your app may not display adverts.
6. Repeat the above 5 steps for all your AdMob_Banner and AdMob_Interstitial.
7. Click on ‘Apps’ and select ‘Save app’create auto impression app

6th Step

Here is the final step to make your app live.
1. Click on ‘Apps’ and select ‘Save app as..’ to rename your app. (Recommended) create auto impression app y
2. Click on ‘Export’ and select ‘App (save .apk to my computer)’. This will automatically download your apk and make it available for installation on your smartphone device. create auto impression app




The above article is all about how to make or create auto impression app. You can build your auto impression app with a lot of app builder websites or through their apps. For you to enjoy your app creation easily, we recommend appybuilder and thunkable. The reason is that, if you have a problem with an aia file in appybuilder, thunkable will be useful.
Don’t forget to share this article if it is useful. Sharing is caring, show your care and love to others. If you encounter any problem while creating your app, drop it using the below comment box for the appropriate solution(s). To get the aia file we used in this tutorial, kindly leave a comment in the below box.


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