Apple iOS 12 launching

Apple iOS 12 launching and how it will change your iPhone and iPad.
New updates reveal that iOS 12 gives new life to the old iPhone and iPad. It (iOS 12) ensures that you can download updates on your iPhone and iPad starting today. Also, Apple providing new features to existing devices. That means, old users can also enjoy it.

iOS 12
refines the operating system with bundled notifications. Several features come with the updates. Memos also added to Animoji, and faster speeds for older devices. Even your iPhone 6 will work faster. Announcement of the official release date of Applied iOS 12 launching has been released when launching the iPhone XS last week.

Apple iOS 12 launching

It noted that the update would arrive Monday, September 16. But you can now get iOS 12 via the Settings menu (the one with the big gray gear icon): Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and you will see it.

Why iOS 12 can not download right now

Can we really say that iOS 12 is better than iOS 11. Just about everything we talked about over the last year has had problems with iOS 11. No, you were not alone. But a problem that Apple users face year and year is the ability to quickly download new iOS software.

AppleĀ  iOS 12 Launching

Now let’s go straight to the point, as in Apple iOS 12 launching features. We do not expect that the launch of iOS 12 will be different in 2018. With the number of iPhone users requesting to download the software update at the same time. It can take hours or even an entire day. At least, that’s what we’ve known in the past.


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Even if you succeed, you will not find iOS 12 in Group FaceTime, a feature promised for the first time at WWDC 2018. This date has been delayed and we hope that will be the case in iOS 12 in October.

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