acquisition of github by microsoft

Acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft for completes with the rate of $ 7.5 billion. Github is a leading software development platform that brings together more than 31 million developers together. The purpose of this is to create, collaborate, share and leverage their work. Nat Friedman, the former CEO of Xamarin (acquired by Microsoft in 2016), will succeed the CEO of GitHub, said Microsoft in a statement released Friday.

Agreement of Acquisition of Github by Microsoft announcement takes place in June by Microsoft. In an article published Friday on his blog, Friedman said GitHub would operate independently as a community, platform, and enterprise. Developers will continue to be able to use the programming languages, tools, and operating systems they want for their projects. They will also have the ability to deploy their codes on any OS (irrespective of kinds), any cloud, and or any device.

“This means that GitHub will retain its development values, distinct spirit, and open extensibility – we will always support developers in choosing their language, license, tool, platform or cloud,” Friedman said. In the coming days, GitHub will focus on improving basic scenarios such as search, notifications, issues/projects and its mobile experience, said the new CEO.

Objectives of Acquisition of GitHub By Microsoft

According to Freedman on the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft: “3 Objectives will be top of mind for us as we build the future of GitHub”. Below are the objectives:

  1. To ensure that GitHub is the better by far place to run productive communities and teams.
  2. To make it available to more developers around the world.
  3. The last objective is quality performance, reliability, and security.

acquisition of github by microsoft

The number of users of GitHub has increased by three million since the signing of the agreement, bringing to 31 million the number of current developers of the platform.

“Our vision is to serve every developer on the planet, by being the best place to build software,” said Friedman. He proceeds by saying: “This is a dream opportunity for all of us at GitHub, and we couldn’t be more excited to roll up our sleeves and start this next chapter.”

According to the CEO of the Microsoft Satya Nadella, “We believe in the power of communities to achieve more together than what their members can do on their own, and that collaborative development through the open source process can accelerate innovation”. He said this in a statement regarding the deal with Business Insider.
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